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Land off Osier Way, Buckingham

Indicative masterplan of proposed development

Our proposals for land off Osier Way

Wates Developments is bringing forward proposals to deliver new homes, green spaces and supporting infrastructure at land off Osier Way in Buckingham.

We have now submitted an outline planning application to Aylesbury Vale District Council. If approved, our plans will deliver:
  • Up to 420 new homes across a range of tenures, including 25 per cent affordable housing
  • Provision of new, publicly accessible open spaces, areas for informal play and recreation, and new equipped play areas
  • Extensive landscape buffers and green corridors reflecting the character and setting of the area
  • Junction improvements to the A421 and introduction of a new controlled crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at the A421 / Gawcott Road junction
  • A network of on-site footpaths and cycle routes and improvements to existing Public Rights of Way, which will connect the site to Buckingham town centre and enhance access for existing residents to the wider countryside
  • Incorporation of fully sustainable drainage systems to manage surface water
  • Investment in local services and facilities, including sport and leisure, education, and housing for older people
Indicative masterplan showing how the development could be laid out

Land off Osier Way

Our site is located to the south of the A421 and east of Gawcott Road, within a 15-20 minute walk of Buckingham town centre. Wates’ proposals will ensure the site is connected to and improves existing footpaths and cycle routes in the town, and enhances access for existing residents to the wider countryside.

It is close to many employment opportunities in the town, as well as the Swan Business Park and Buckingham Industrial Estate to the east, and the University complex to the north.

The site is within easy reach of two supermarkets on the A421, plus a host of other shops and services in the town centre.

Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

The Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) has identified land off Osier Way as a suitable and sustainable location to meet local housing needs. This Plan is expected to be adopted by the District Council in 2019.

Wates is bringing forward proposals which respond to this allocation with a sensitive, attractive scheme for new family homes.

The Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan remains an important document and its policies have helped to inform Wates’ planning application. However, the District Council has concluded that additional strategic housing allocations are required in Buckingham to meet the district’s housing need and to assist with the Council’s five-year housing land supply.

Once adopted, the VALP will be the most up-to-date policy document that will take precedence should there be any conflict with the Neighbourhood Plan policies.


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